Friday, January 6, 2012

A new 100 Workout

Yesterday I got an email stating that I had to try this new "100 Workout".  When I asked where my friend had found it she told me she made it up with moves she learned at bootcamp class. It sparked my interest so last night I tried it out. Holy Sweat! It was hard and I hurt in places I didn't know muscles existed today! So, thank you Christine for a workout that truely kicked my butt last night. It is always nice to find something new to thow in the workout routine to combat the boredom that sets in from just running or biking all the time. Send me new ones as you make them up!

Try out this workout if you are short on time. It should take about 30 minutes (I rested 30 seconds or less between each move)! Make sure you have some good music to listen to while doing it to motivate you.  I was watching E!news which was slightly distracting. Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, Drew Barrymore...All these engagements I have to be informed of!


100 - Jumping Jacks

95 - Jacks w/ small medicine ball (or 5 lbs. weight)

90 - Crunch Heel Touches (side to side)

85 - Jacks w/ med ball

80 - Punches w/ 5 lb weights

75 - Jacks w/ med ball

70 - Ab Flutter kicks

65 - Jacks w/ med ball

60 - 30 side kicks/30 front kicks

55 - Jacks w/ med ball

50 - Full body squats w/ arm raises (5 lb weights)

45 - Jacks w/ med ball

40 - Triceps in Skiing position

35 - Jacks w/ med ball

30 - Pushup position - Touch knee to elbow

25 - Jacks w/ med ball

20 - Burpees

15 - Jacks w/ med ball


5 - Jacks w/ med ball
Let me know what you think! TGIF :-)

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