Monday, May 30, 2011

the best love


You are the best.  Thanks for the best two years ever. Love you!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Are you sure?

That's right's FINALLY THE WEEKEND.  Well, not yet, I still have about 7 hours and 45 minutes of work :-( But after that small detail the weekend will have officially begun! I plan on packing as many fun things as possible into these three days.  I am spending time with some very important ladies!

First off...tonight, my favorite one of all!

Then tomorrow, a little BBQ/Skinny Girl Margarita (aka SGM)/Crab Festing day with this one...

Old School Picture, circa 2006

Then on Sunday I get to see this girl for some Sangria, Sex and the City and Bachelorette time...

Another Birthday Tubing adventure???

Then Monday I MAY get to see this girl (hopefully) for some pool time??

Anyone else interested in a little bit of this???

Call me!! Let's have a HUGE pool date monday!

Song of the weekend...this is a hard one. I think I have to go old school:

The Perfect Beach Song!

Don't worry, I didn't foget about this guy, I will be hanging out with him too!

Happy Memorial Day/Three Day Weekend! Beachgoers, I hope for not horrendous traffic for you!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Genius Advertising

The routine was normal this morning..

1. Get up, walk into the bathroom, close my eyes so the light doesn't blind me

2. Take a shower, eventually open my eyes

3. Find something to wear

4. Turn on the news while putting on makeup/drying hair

Then it happened...the Dunkin Donuts commercial came on and it got me.  I HAD to have an iced coffee.  Needless to say I make myself iced coffee at home on the regular now, but DD has the best. 

This picture was taken while sitting at a light...promise

I may or may not have been 15 minutes late for work, in part, because of my slight detour.  But, it did make my morning SO MUCH BETTER!

While driving to work I heard a new song that I like, and I can't believe that I am going to admit this, but it's by Lady GaGa...

Normally I am not a fan, at all. I just don't get the "little monster" craze and I didn't like Born this Way, Judas, Pokerface or any of that but I think this song is catchy and will be so much fun to dance to!

What do you think??

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Let's start with something I don't love...I haven't let you in on the little "thunderstorms terrify me" secret.  Normally, I can stay pretty composed as long as there is no tornado watch/warning/spin in the atmosphere stuff.  But, yesterday as I was driving home from work, in bright sun, with sunglasses on, suddenly there was a HUGE lightning bolt, a clap of thunder that I could hear over my radio (which means it was really loud) and then the sky turned black and it started down pouring.  I quickly threw on those hazard lights that I make fun of people for using in thunderstorms and turned into the nearest entrance to what I thought was a small office building, but after the rain stopped it kind of looked like a house with parking spaces?? As soon as I put my car in park, it started hailing.  The hail, although, not super huge, probably the size of a marble, was coming down so hard I though my windows were going to break.  I started to panic (more) and got control of myself enough to take a picture (to prove that I am not just a wimp and that it was actually crazy).

I think it looks like snow! 

In better news, my Mom found this granola at Trader Joe's last night (probably while I was sitting in the hail storm).  I am a self proclaimed granola-holic, as long as there are no raisins in it.  It is the best.  All clusters...almonds...a little vanilla flavor :-) I am addicted. 

Please note that today is one week since I started this blog.  It is one week longer than I thought I would last and 1 week longer than I have lasted on any other blog (that no one knew about) that I may or may not have thought about starting in the past and given up on after the first entry. I think I am hooked!  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I need some vitamin D!

Last weekend was spent with good friends at the beach, on one of the first 80 degree days of the season.  The sun was bright, the sand was hot and the frozen drinks were perfect. ;-)

We sat in the bay during the day and drank, played games and chatted away.

We went to the track to place some bets for PREAKNESS.  My horse didn't win, but I had a lot of fun watching it.  There is something so cool about how many people get in to the races.  I can't wait to pick another horse for Belmont. 

And, my favorite part, we danced the night away! The music was not my favorite but I love to dance, anytime...anywhere!

Can't wait to head back there later this summer to lay on the beach and relax a little more.  Now...time to work on that tan...I am so very pale.  Brent says paleness must be contagious, and I must be catching it from him.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach Memories

The beach, Ocean City specifially always reminds me of two moments in my childhood:

1.) When I was about 8 I went to the beach with my Dad and swam for 6 hours straight in the hotel pool.  When we went to dinner with  my stepmom in the evening they were trying to make it super special.  I got to order anything on the menu and even got a shirley temple (at the time I thought it was an alcoholic  About 5 minutes after ordering I fell asleep on the table and slept through the who meal.  :-)

2.) My other beach memory I was really young, maybe about 5.  I went down with my Mom and Nana and  we spent the whole weekend playing in the ocean and walking the boardwalk. My Nana loved the beach more than anyone I know.  I love going down there and going to the touristy places that I knew were her favorite...Phillips, Dough Roller, the carnival and the Plim Plaza rocking chairs.

Beach getaways always end way too quickly!!

Goodnight :-)

Set the Tone

The weekend is over :-( It always happens way too quickly.  Some weekend beach pictures will be coming shortly! But until then...let's set the tone for the week. 

I woke up in an Ah-mazing mood this morning, which if you know me, is rare.  My good mood usually doesn't kick in until noon or so.  I felt refreshed and ready to go. 

And then I sat in this...

After driving around on the backroads of Delaware this weekend, I have decided that the next place I live must have little to no traffic (good luck right?!?). 

But after I got to work I realized today is...the season finale of Dancing with the Stars AND even better, the season premier of The Bachelorette! That could make any girls monday splendid :-)

Some of my bachelorette watching friends and I are having a little friendly competition in the form of Fantasy Bachelorette! I found this bracket off another website and found it brilliant! Let me know if you want to join too!

I guess it is time to be slightly productive.  Gotta get some work done so I can enjoy the beautiful weather this evening before the thunderstorms roll in.  It's the season for grilling and homemade skinny girl margaritas (recipe to be shared after tasting).  I heard the are delicious!

New favorite song, after watching the Billboard Music Awards:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet Love of the day :-) I could (and do) listen to this song on repeat.

Send me some good songs! I'm a sucker for country music.

"You're getting a DOG?!?"

Growing up, if people knew me, they would have NEVER EVER in a millions years have thought I would be the girl with the puppy.  I was actually pretty afraid of dogs for a long time. One day, I think I was like 8 I was bit by a dog behind my house. I fast as my little tiny legs could take me to the playground and he hung on to my ankle the whole time.  Needless to say, sorry to all those miniature dachshund fans out there(i.e. Meredith) ...I am NOT a fan of those hot dog doggies. 

Well, lets jump forward about 15 years.  Right after college I started really wanting a puppy, but had zero money.  Last fall I started getting addicted to looking at puppies online and I fell in love with boston terriers, they are so cute with their smushy faces and big eyes! So, even though I still have minimal (NO) money, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and be responsible.  Or...I just fell in love and didnt think, one or the other.  And I ended up with this guy:

Look how tiny!!

Although I love Jaks completely the past few months have been hard to say the least.  Puppies are not just cuddly little stuffed animals all the time (who knew?).  So here are my top 10 (even though there are way more) things that I didn't know before I got a puppy.

  1. Almost all puppies get sick within the first week you have them, Jaks had worms (gross) and kennel cough (which the vet called bronchitis so I wouldn't freak out).  But I immediately went home and googled it and it said "Cases sometimes result in death".  I may or may not have had a slight crying fit. 

2.  Puppies are not house trained at week 16.   It's a huge lie.  My carpet has the stains to prove it.

3.  Just when you think the dog is house trained, jokes on you and he poops on your bathroom floor. 

4.  Dogs like to chew on anything that is not theirs.  Why buy them toys when they can just chew on shoes, water bottles, the list is endless...

5.  The vet is more expensive than you could ever imagine.  Let's just say, Discover loves me and the interest I am paying them lately ;-)

6.  Dogs have zero self control.  If you give them a full bowl of water they will drink the whole thing and proceed to throw up everywhere.  The same goes for food, treats, bones, stuffing out of get the picture.

7.  Males dogs are enamered with throw pillows.  I have had to put them away to keep him from jumping on the couch and "getting scandelous" with the lovely decorative accents.

8.  Dog training classes are actually people training classes.  Teach your dog to sit, now go home and try it out a million times until they learn. In actuality, dogs shouldnt even come. 

9.  Dogs are the best entertainment. 

10.  Dog love may be the best love.  If they get mad at you, or you get mad at them, they forget in 15 seconds.  And then they do this...


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sipping on Pink Lemonade

This is an oldie but a goodie! This song always makes me think of summer and smile! I love it :-)

Spell Check is my actual BFF

Last night was PIZZA NIGHT!  It was from Armand's , my personal FAVORITE.  I have been eating it since the day I was born.  It helps that my dad's BFF is the owner, so it always pops up at family occasions.  I introduced Brent to Armand's about a month ago and we have been talking about getting it ever since.  It is kind of far to go to and a little pricier than normal pizza but since we went to Spinning...and we were 3/4 of the way there...we splurged!

Brent chose Pepperoni...I chose Green Pepper and Onion. 

It is Friday Eve (that is what I fondly call Thursdays)! And tomorrow we leave for the beach for the weekend! I am really excited.  It has rained just about everyday since last Friday and Saturday is supposed to be sunny.  I am going to sit on that beach even if I freeze, says high of 73, I am hoping for 80.  While we are there we are celebrating two things...


Kevin's Birthday!! He will be the big 2-6.  What better way to celebrate a may birthday than at the beach.  I am really jealous of all these nice weather birthdays.  I am always bundled up and running inside on my birthday away from the snow.

Side note, my birthday last year:

The second thing we are celebrating is:

Brooke!!! She is officially a dental hygienist and we are all so happy for her!

Does anyone else have fun weekend plans?  

I feel after my spelling mishap yesterday that I should warn you all...I am a TERRIBLE speller.  I will probably make mistakes if spell check doesn't pick them up.  I was an English major, and most would think that means that you are an amazing speller but that is not the case at all.  You should see the things I wrote when I was in elementary school. I honestly don't know how I passed my spelling tests.  Just wanted to let everyone in on that little secret so no one is disappointed in posts to come.  :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

These are my people...

I have contemplated what to write about in a blog for some time now.  I thought about doing a blog on a specific topic, but never started it.  I could never think of a topic that would keep people's interest long enough.  Then I was going to start a dual blog with a friend (which we are still going to do) but just haven't had the time to get it going.  Then I realized, what better to write about...everything that I love! I feel like, as a person, you "love" something new everyday.  And also, as a person, I will probably have days where I really don't "love" things too.  So, welcome to my blog journey.  Hope you LOVE it as much as I do!

To start this off right I have to introduce you to the people that I love to love the most in this world!

Up Mom...she is the most amazing woman I know.  I am so very lucky to have her! 

My wonderful boyfriend :-) He inspires me to try new things almost daily! He is the one who has taught me how important it is to workout and how great it makes you feel! He puts up with my insanity (and loves every minute of it). And most importantly...he tastes every new recipie I make, with a smile on his face (even though I know it is impossible that he likes them all)!

Jaks! This is my adorable 7 month old Boston Terrier.  He may be a pain in the butt-crazy-jumpy-chewing machine sometimes but a love for a dog and from a dog is unconditional. 

The BFF's
I am lucky to have lots of friends! But these are my 4.  I love them all and have unique, important, lasting friendships with all of them.  They are the ones I know will be there no matter what.

Ash & I

Leslie & I

Colleen & I

Nici & I

My cutie patooty sisters! At the ripe old ages of 15 and 10, they teach me new things all the time.  Just last weekend I learned the basketball game, Around the World.  How did I never play that as a child?

Who's taller??

Always good for a hug!

Of course...there are a lot more people that I love. I have so many more family members and friends and they (I am sure) will be in posts to come! Until then...Have a wonderful Wednesday! The weekend is only 22 work hours away!