Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I think/wonder about at work

I read a blog that I really like, Low and Behold, and lately when she has nothing to say she does a series "Things I say when I am bored".  I liked this idea. Sometimes I just don't have one long thought to write an entire blog on. And sometimes I don't have fun pictures to post. So, on days like that, random thoughts are what you may get.

Today, as I was sitting in my office I was literally staring at the box of donuts sitting 6 feet away from me for 3 hours. I had a mental fight with myself. I wanted one so badly, but then thought about all of the pretty dresses I would have to fit in this year. And how I would much rather do yoga tonight than run. Then I finally looked at the flavors, I was just going to cut a piece off of one. They were all plain cake donuts. That made my decision easy. Waste of calories. I can't wait to find some sort of sweet to eat later to reward myself ;-)

How many times does that average person look at the clock during a work day? I feel that I probably glance down at it, on average, every 15 minutes. 8 hours divided by 15 minutes is 32. Subtract one hour for lunch and I look at the clock on average 28 times a day. That is pretty ridiculous.

I am obsessed with looking up shoes for my bridesmaids.  I want them to be absolutely perfect and I am having very little luck....BUT I have only looked at shoes for myself once. Fell in love, and have not looked back. Even though I can probably not afford them. It is fun to live in the dream world for awhile. I will hit reality some time close to my first dress fitting.

How do people keep their hair looking nice through an entire day of work? By lunchtime I feel like mine has gone flat/frizzy/tangly or a combination of them all.

Why do I forget every night to take off my awful chipped nail polish? I need to make myself a note.

What is the point of sending in an empty envelope to a school? I have opened 3 this week. Are people really that forgetful? An envelope is for putting stuff in.....if its empty, its pointless.

Is it friday yet? I can't wait to drink wine, talk about weddings, look at pictures, and talk about how hot Ryan Gosling has gotten since the notebook with my favorite girls. (Christine, is there anyway you can catch a flight for the night? Or we could video chat?!?)

Does anyone else ever have a problem with the tights/socks/boot combo? Sometimes, randomly, my tights and socks feel like they suddenly get super tight around my toes and they become very uncomfortable. But I can't really take my boot off, unless my boss is at lunch, so I try to pretend like it doesn't hurt. It works aout 10% of the time. 

Lunchtime is my favorite time of the day. Beaten only by 4pm when traffic is good and I get home in under an hour!

Random enough for you?

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