Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Find Inspiration Daily

First of all, if you want to see an amazing, inspiring woman and family (and have a good cry) please jump over and watch this video.  I am completely hooked on Ashley's amazing blog. She is a mom, going through chemo, choosing to live a joyful, positive life.  She really has to be one of the strongest people ever. And on top of it all, her blog is originally based on the amazing products she produces.

Next, its just a normal rainy Tuesday here. I think that it rains every Tuesday? That might be an exaggeration but it is close to it.  Today I am liking it though. Just a steady rain, with not so cold temperatures.  No ice, no snow, happy me :-)

Also, I am starting the Winter Shape Up. I am cleaning up my eating a little more (emphasis on fruits and veggies) and going to do the workouts along with some zumba, a running day and a yoga night.  I know myself, and direction in exercise is key for me.  I am excited to try it out tonight.  Along with the winter shape up comes 8 glasses of water a day. I am not a very good water drinker and have felt super dehydrated lately.  I have come up with a no fail method. Two of these bad boys before I get home from work a day!
Lastly, I am a little too excited to watch my DVR'd Gossip Girl tonight.  I have also gotten hooked (after one episode) on Californication....it is a show that I would have never expected to like, but I do.  It's always nice to find a show that Brent and I both like. He get's to watch enough Private Practice, The Bachelor and The Voice and I try to teach myself to enjoy basketball whenever possible. Most girls like basketball best I think, I would rather a football game any day of the week.

What is your favorite gender neutral show??

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  1. Jersey Shore! Guilty pleasure perhaps..but the trashy tv shows are fun sometimes and we both can't wait until Jersdays! :)