Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Eve!

I had high aspirations of waking up this morning and screaming "it's my birthday eve" from the rooftops but when my alarm went off for the first time at 5:30 AM (and then hit snooze 3 times, sorry neighbors) I was feeling more like this:

Needless to say when I could finally keep my eyes all the way open after my small McDonald's coffee (it's only $1, I can't see spending more on coffee there so I stick with the small) I was disappointed in myself. It is the one day of the year that I can act ridiculous and make up a holiday and I didnt seize the opportunity.  Tomorrow I will have to make sure to set my alarm extra early and not hit snooze only hit snooze twice so I can dance around the room before heading to work.  I will practice my dance tonight. If only I still had this from my childhood I could really make an impact:

I love birthdays. My own, those of people I love, anyone that tells me that it is their birthday. I think they are fun.  Anyone that says they do not like their birthday is either A.) Lying or B.) Never had an awesome one and should fix that immediately.  Please let me know and I will find a way to show you how awesome birthdays really can be.  :-)

On that note...Happy Birthday Alicia Keys, we are almost birthday twins! And don't worry Ellen whenever asks me when my birthday is I say, "January 26 sameasellendegeneres", along with "I was born on super bowl sunday but please don't ask me who was playing because I never remember". 

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  1. since i can no longer gchat (but can now view blogs?), i am awaiting patiently for a birthday post. Thank you. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!