Friday, January 20, 2012

19 Sticks of Butter

For some reason I am in a slight funk today, I know I will get over it because it is my favorite day of the week, but for now I just want to get off work, go shopping, be at home and have it be the weekend.

This morning on the radio the DJ's were talking about something pretty interesting. As most everyone knows now, Paula Deen is DIABETIC (who is really surprised, she puts 2 pounds of butter in everything).  People act like it is the plague, Mrs. Deen being one of them.  I waiver on this topic because just because you are a "celebrity" doesn't mean the whole world needs to know your medical records BUT if you are a chef, passing your recipes along to others, the recipes that have aided in your type 2 diabetes diagnosis you need to spill the beans. Right?

Now, I believe that Paula kept her lips sealed because her publicist thought she thought her empire could have come crashing down in an instant if people heard about her health news. ALL THINGS IN MODERATION PEOPLE...just because Paula Deen has diabetes doesn't mean that you will also if you indulge in her southern style recipes every so often.  It is not fair to believe that the only food she eats is her own.  It is also not fair to believe that she did not have some sort of family history of diabetes.

Now, don't get me wrong, diet plays a huge role in type 2 diabetes.  You can help control your blood sugar (not always completely) by eating foods close to "the limb and the ground" but isn't that how we all should be eating anyways? You should know that you shouldn't be making Paula Deen's recipes every night for dinner. She is not a role model to health. She is a chef. Those two can be hugely different. She never once said that she was a healthy living chef.

It's funny because as I started writing I was thinking that I was going to take the stand that Paula Deen is completely wrong, she should have come clean right away. But why? It really isn't any one's business but her own. What I do think is wrong is that the information is being release 1-3 years after her diagnosis, ironically just as her new book is being released. Fishy? I would say yes. At this point she should have just kept it to herself.  She should have gotten healthy, maybe started cooking healthier foods on her show...other than that, it was too late for the information to be released.
I am passionate about this topic because I have people very close to me that are diabetic.  It is not a secret for those they are close to. They all have bracelets, insulin shots, sugar pills and they are not ashamed.  It is a way of life.  A way of life that Mes. Deen was hiding, until the publicity was needed.

In conclusion of my opinion rant, I believe the only thing that Paula Deen is guilty of is a publicity scheme.  It makes her look desperate. Don't use your health issues to get people to buy your book.  Privacy is privacy, if you want it, keep it. 

What do you think? Do you agree/disagree completely?

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