Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Let me tell ya bout my best friiieeeennnddd"

This is what I found on pinterest when searching the word "bridesmaid" (along with many other fun quotes):

Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Part-er

First, what a fun weekend! We sang, danced and hung out with amazing friends and family! Who could ask for more?

On Friday we headed out to a bar local to us to see a friends band and celebrate Kate's bday.  We have seen it many times before but I love it.  I took zero pictures so thank goodness that Kate is the picture queen and got a million of them!

Lindsay and Geoff love the band too!

some of my favorite girls :)

the boys
Saturday, we went to a deck party at my Mom's house.  The food was delicious and the weather turned out to be just perfect for sitting outside and playing some cornhole.  No rain ruined our parade!

The second part of my post is a HAPPY HAPPY (day late) BIRTHDAY to my puppy :-) He was one year old yesterday! Is this when he starts acting less crazy?? He got 3 new toys, all of which I am sure he is already bored with and ready to chew on my new season of shoes that I swapped out yesterday.

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Cheers to the Freakin Weekend"

Let me just start by saying that I believe the rain is never going to stop in Maryland. I believe that we are turning into the second Seattle. Pretty soon we all need to build our houses on stilts so there will be no flooding. This September has seriously been ridiculous. Let's hope this doesn't mean that we will have hundreds of inches of snow as well.

Next on the agenda. IT'S FRIDAY. Thank goodness. It has been a long, crazy busy week of work. I am more than ready to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Tonight I get to hang out with these gals + Michelle (and our guys)! We are going to do a little birthday celebrating for the chicka in the middle ;-) Birthday shout out anyone?!?

Then tomorrow I get to see all my ladies in one day! It is going to be a packed, fun Friday & Saturday. Sunday I plan on doing as much nothing as possible (and organizing the giant basket of clothes sitting in my room right now).   I am going to attempt to take lots of pictures. I haven't been very good at the this past month. 

Monday starts the P90x challenge...I hope I can stand up by the end of the week.  I always need to be motivated by something, normally it is a race of some sort. Now I am looking forward to Christmas because that is when this p90craziness will be over. Anybody else tried it in the past?

Now back to finishing up work for the week. Come on 4 o'clock (and semi-OK traffic to drive home in)!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Football > Girlfriend?

This picture made me laugh. Thought I should share!

Halfway through the work week :-)

September Birthday

Happy Birthday Kate! I am so happy that we have become such good friends! A daily gchat, girl talk nights and lots of pinto grigio and moscato! Have the best day :-) And enjoy your spaghetti (with some wine of course). Can't wait to celebrate your 26th this weekend! Remember, we will never be old, because they (those Cunningham boy's) will always be older than us! <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When the other shoe drops

Tuesday, which I normally coin, Terrible Tuesday (just always seems to be the day of the week where traffic is bad, work is busy and nothing you plan on getting done actually happens) was looking brighter this week.  I woke up refreshed tired but it was because I stayed up way too late watching TV (my own fault) so it was ok. 

Once I was ready for work I felt good, ready to take on the day.  I made myself a cup of Hazelnut coffee, and a piece of multigrain toast with PB, Banana and a sprinkle of granola.  Jaks was being good, listening to me and not running around like crazy and got right in his crate for me when I left and I was on my way.

It wasn't until I was 2 miles from work that I noticed I never changed out of my bright pink martini glass flip flops, that I have owned since high school, that I walked Jaks in this morning.  Slight panic set in. What was I going to do? Then I looked around my car, and thank goodness I am a car clutterer because there were shoes gleaming back at my. Pretty black flats. "Why do I never wear these?" I thought to myself.  They are so cute.

Well, it is now 1:45 pm and I can tell you why they stay in my car.  My feet are killing me.  Every time I take a step my toes slip and get pinched by the end of the shoe. 

I also had a friendly reminder today at work that my office stays slightly freezing as it approaches fall.  Note to self, start bring a sweater so you don't shiver for 8 hours. 

On a better, less bitter note, I made a delicious recipe last night for dinner.  They were Thai Chicken Broccoli Wraps from Fitness Magazine.  I highly recommend the recipe.  They were filling, healthy and satisfying.  I honestly had never had anything coined, Thai before so it was a nice introduction.  And, who doesn't like a wrap? They are so versatile ;-)

A few fun pictures that made me smile:

Can I get Jaks one?? In blue of course!

I want this picture ;-)

So true

Monday, September 19, 2011


I spent my first 15 minutes on pinterest today.  I have been avaiding it because I knew I would become addicted. And I am.  There are so many amazing wedding ideas on there. Fun quotes. Beautiful gifts.  Home decorating tips.  You name it, it's there.  Here are just a few of the things I loved today!

Cutest Wedding Present Ever

I want this picture :-)
4 more work days until the weekend, too soon?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Survival of the fittest

It started out cold....like really really cold (51 degrees in spetember?):

Before we knew what we were getting ourselves into

We set everything up for transitions:

Notice my NOT awesome mountain bike...it went so slow.
Then we waited, and waited and waited:
Waiting with 1100 other people
Then it was time to complete in the hardest thing I have ever done physically in my whole life. The ocean was so rough and very intimidating.  But once I was out (aftter i decided against quitting about 30 times) I knew I could finish the rest.  I went slow, very slow, but I finished and that is all that matters.  Brent did great! 97th overall, which I think is a huge accomplishment!

 The after pic:

We're DONE!!

We Celebrated with FREE BEER!

All of us

Dewey Sprint Triathlon 2011
Swim: 27.29 Min
Bike: 50.44 Min
Run: 35.33 Min
Total: 1:56.39

Next time I do one of these I need a new bike and no ocean!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bye Bye Cold

I'm back to normal! Well, almost.  I feel 10000x better than I have since Sunday so I don't care if it is completely normal.  All I was asking for all week was better. 

Because I haven't been my normal self, there hasn't been very much cooking going on by me.  Next week that will be changing back to my normal ways! I already have two recipes I am going to try out, one for Artichoke Chicken Pasta from Iowa Girl Eats and one for Pumpkin Black Bean Soup from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  I can't wait to make them both! I also may try out making my Mom's Stuffed Green Peppers (Secret: They were what I asked for, for dinner, before every first day of school). 

Before I can start all this cooking I have to finish kick booty in my first sprint triathlon on Saturday! I am nervous because I havent been able to work out all week but I am hoping that because I have been training for so long I will be just fine! I keep reading race recaps to inspire myself! I hope it works :-)

One month from today these two are getting married! I can't to celebrate the big day with them! It seems like they just got engaged. Time flies!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sick Day

At the current moment I am laying around with a sleepy dog taking it easy.  I woke up yesterday with a sore throat but figured it was just allergies. Usually I am right when I have that assumption but this time I wasn't.  I still trucked through the day yesterday, saw the redskins kick some booty but by about 7 pm I was ready for bed.  Needless to say exhaustion mixed with a cold kept me home to today to try to kick it.  Here's to hoping I feel much better tomorrow.

On a more fun note we did some wedding venue "shopping" on Saturday.  One place was beautiful...one was way too country-fied for us...and one looked like a funeral home.  We are going to try to pack in as many visits this week/weekend coming up so we can pick a place and a date and then the really fun stuff can start!! Like, DRESS SHOPPING!

This weekend coming up is also our triathlon.  (Another reason I really want to kick this cold).  I am so excited/nervous, but my main goal is just to finish strong!! Wish us good luck :-)

Sorry for a pictureless post, I'll find some good ones for tomorrow.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday

In recognition of my first crush ever's birthday yesterday (JTT you will always have a special place in my heart, just like your poster did on my wall back in the day) I would like start a tradition of flashback friday.

Happy Birthday to:

I believe this was the picture that was on my wall. Happy 30th JTT!

Flashback Song:

N'Sync "Bye Bye Bye" = Only the best boy band song ever in the 90s.

Flashback Show (which is now playing in the middle of the night on Nickelodeon)

Flashback Commercial:

Funny to think this caused scandal!

A favorite food of the past:

I was just going to go with fruit by the foot, but a variety pack?!!? I don't think I ever got this :(

Now if Friday nights could go back to sleepovers, TGIF shows, and pizza I would be a happy girl ;-)

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Negative Nancy

I am not going to lie. I am in a really horrible mood today.  It took me 2 and 1/2 hours to get to work (because of a combination of flooded closed roads, accidents, and regular traffic).  The rain just won't stop and the grey skies are super depressing.  I know I shouldn't complain, but can we spread the wealth of this rain please.  Three straight days of down pours is just so much.

Anyways, I won't bore everyone with my dreary mood. I will just leave you with a few songs that I am loving at the moment, and plan on listening to 50 times on repeat today to hopefully fix my funk.

"God Gave me You" Blake Shelton

"Marry You" Bruno Mars

"Pumped Up Kicks" Foster the People

Question of the Day

How do you feel about plums??

I keep trying to like them, but I just don't think that they taste like anything.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, Rain go away

Almost time for the work day to be over...spinning here I come.  I hope that traffic isnt too terrible because on a good day spinning would be 50 minutes away...and I have a little over an hour to make it there and change my clothes.  I haven't worked out since last wednesday, a whole week, so I am actually really excited for a hard workout. 

While away last weekend we found a Lululemon outlet. AMAZING. I got a pair of crop pants, shorts and a top for a really good deal! I get to try out the pants tonight that eveyone raves about! (and I paid less than half price for them)!!

Other than that today has been pretty average. It has been rainy, work has been slow, I have been googling everything there is to google about wedding venues, dresses for bridesmaids that I would want to wear as well, and my favorite...random decorative pillows ;-) This pillow is on sale for $100.  How is that even possible???

I wish we could send the rain that we had today over to Texas where they need it so badly! I believe Jaks would like that as well. He is not so much a fan of doing his business in the rain (and then having to be dried off afterwards). 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday

This was supposed to post yesterday...obviously I messed up some how scheduling. So, we can just pretend!


Today is beautiful baby sister's birthday. 

Happy Birthday Jenna! Love you lots! Can't wait to celebrate with loads of chocolate cake!

I'm Back!

I had the best weekend celebrating the upcoming wedding of my bestie in Orlando!

Recycled pic from the WineFest!
 There was lots of singing, dancing. pool time, and laughing! Lots and Lots of Laughing! I haven't uploaded any of my pictures yet, (I took about 200 of them) but I have a few iphone pics to get you through.


Wrenn, Ash & the goblet

Cork in the Sprite bottle?!

Everyone & Bartender Alex

The pretty pretty pool :)

Thank goodness it is a four day week because as stated perfectly by Ashley "I'm so sleepy every blink is a struggle". I agree completely!