Monday, January 23, 2012

Someone Turned on the Fog Machine

It is crazy foggy out today! One of those days, I imagine it to be like Seattle, when you expect it to burn off and it never does.  It has looked like it is about 4:30 pm all day long. The perfect day for Pjs, movies, popcorn and naps. Too bad its monday :-/

This past weekend was a good one though.  On Friday I headed out with some friends to a bar not too far from where I live to see a friends band.  I have seen them probably 20+ times now but they are great! It is always a good time. The bar was absolutely packed friday night. There were flailing elbows from dancers and shattered drinks out of hands (mine).  Elbow + Drink = Shattered glass on the floor and liquid all over pants and boots. Oh well, a good time was had by all!

Saturday was mother/daughter shopping time! We headed to Tyson's Corner Mall, where neither of us had ever been before . It was amazing!! I never knew I could love a mall so much. ;-) We had lunch at Seasons 52, I had only been there once before (a different location). I had a Spicy Shrimp Chipolte Flatbread after we split the edemame. It was delicious and not loaded with a ton of calories (all of their entrees are less than 400 calories and they do not use butter in anything). 

Then on sunday I cooked my little heart out....banana chocolate chip muffins to use up old bananas on their last leg, ziti and lasagna for next weekends festivities (in the freezer and ready to go) and delicious chicken cachetorrie in the crockpot for dinner. Then I layed around like this guy and watched the two teams I wanted to win football (the Harbaugh Brothers Super Bowl??) lose.

It was a great weekend with a good mix of productivity and relaxation. And I was happy to spend some QT watching football and eating a delicious dinner with my two favorite boys :-)

PS. I was reading another blog today and it is her birthday week too ;-)

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