Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday + Awkward Moments = Memories

Awkward moments of my birthday:

1.) Coworker: Good Morning Amanda, you are in a good mood today...

Just because I love my birthday, doesn't mean I have to aggressively push it on everyone.

2.) While in a meeting today the person leading discussions says: Today is a very very special day.....Happy Birthday Amanda
Woman sitting next to me talks directly into my face: IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY?!? HOW OLD ARE YOU?

I know I am still young BUT isn't it inappropriate to ask age? I quietly said my age and got all of the, "No way, you don't look over 18" comments.  How exactly would I have this job if I was 18 or below, I would be going to school here still. 

3.) Not related to my birthday at all, but most awkward moment of 2012 thus far.

I walk into Starby's this morning all excited about getting myself a special fancy birthday coffee drink. I get in line and notice the guy in front of me looks familiar. At first I blow it off but instinctively I look again and realize it is someone that I used to work with/be friends with/hang out with a lot about 5 years ago.  Once he got fired we never spoke again, he defriended me from facebook, the whole nine yards.  I could see him looking at me out of the corner of his eye. At that moment I had three options either A.) run the opposite direction (that's what I really wanted to do but I really wanted my coffee) or B.) Break the tension and say hello or C.) the most mature option of course, ignore and act like I didn't see him. I went with C. Luckily he got a regular coffee and went to the little kiosk to stir in his milk and sugar of choice and I quickly grabbed my drink and dashed before we could accidentally walk out the door at the same time. 

At this rate I imagine myself spilling a drink tonight, tripping in the middle of the restaurant or dropping food on myself at dinner.  But, let's be real, that is a normal day in my life. A little awkwardness and klutziness never hurt anyone...and it is what makes me ME. 

Happy Birthday fellow January 26ers!

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