Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, Rain go away

Almost time for the work day to be over...spinning here I come.  I hope that traffic isnt too terrible because on a good day spinning would be 50 minutes away...and I have a little over an hour to make it there and change my clothes.  I haven't worked out since last wednesday, a whole week, so I am actually really excited for a hard workout. 

While away last weekend we found a Lululemon outlet. AMAZING. I got a pair of crop pants, shorts and a top for a really good deal! I get to try out the pants tonight that eveyone raves about! (and I paid less than half price for them)!!

Other than that today has been pretty average. It has been rainy, work has been slow, I have been googling everything there is to google about wedding venues, dresses for bridesmaids that I would want to wear as well, and my favorite...random decorative pillows ;-) This pillow is on sale for $100.  How is that even possible???

I wish we could send the rain that we had today over to Texas where they need it so badly! I believe Jaks would like that as well. He is not so much a fan of doing his business in the rain (and then having to be dried off afterwards). 

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  1. WHY WERE YOU RESEARCHING DECORATIVE PILLOWS?! ;) im hitting up loews this weekend...better not fail me!!!