Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Part-er

First, what a fun weekend! We sang, danced and hung out with amazing friends and family! Who could ask for more?

On Friday we headed out to a bar local to us to see a friends band and celebrate Kate's bday.  We have seen it many times before but I love it.  I took zero pictures so thank goodness that Kate is the picture queen and got a million of them!

Lindsay and Geoff love the band too!

some of my favorite girls :)

the boys
Saturday, we went to a deck party at my Mom's house.  The food was delicious and the weather turned out to be just perfect for sitting outside and playing some cornhole.  No rain ruined our parade!

The second part of my post is a HAPPY HAPPY (day late) BIRTHDAY to my puppy :-) He was one year old yesterday! Is this when he starts acting less crazy?? He got 3 new toys, all of which I am sure he is already bored with and ready to chew on my new season of shoes that I swapped out yesterday.

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