Monday, September 12, 2011

Sick Day

At the current moment I am laying around with a sleepy dog taking it easy.  I woke up yesterday with a sore throat but figured it was just allergies. Usually I am right when I have that assumption but this time I wasn't.  I still trucked through the day yesterday, saw the redskins kick some booty but by about 7 pm I was ready for bed.  Needless to say exhaustion mixed with a cold kept me home to today to try to kick it.  Here's to hoping I feel much better tomorrow.

On a more fun note we did some wedding venue "shopping" on Saturday.  One place was was way too country-fied for us...and one looked like a funeral home.  We are going to try to pack in as many visits this week/weekend coming up so we can pick a place and a date and then the really fun stuff can start!! Like, DRESS SHOPPING!

This weekend coming up is also our triathlon.  (Another reason I really want to kick this cold).  I am so excited/nervous, but my main goal is just to finish strong!! Wish us good luck :-)

Sorry for a pictureless post, I'll find some good ones for tomorrow.

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