Sunday, September 18, 2011

Survival of the fittest

It started out really really cold (51 degrees in spetember?):

Before we knew what we were getting ourselves into

We set everything up for transitions:

Notice my NOT awesome mountain went so slow.
Then we waited, and waited and waited:
Waiting with 1100 other people
Then it was time to complete in the hardest thing I have ever done physically in my whole life. The ocean was so rough and very intimidating.  But once I was out (aftter i decided against quitting about 30 times) I knew I could finish the rest.  I went slow, very slow, but I finished and that is all that matters.  Brent did great! 97th overall, which I think is a huge accomplishment!

 The after pic:

We're DONE!!

We Celebrated with FREE BEER!

All of us

Dewey Sprint Triathlon 2011
Swim: 27.29 Min
Bike: 50.44 Min
Run: 35.33 Min
Total: 1:56.39

Next time I do one of these I need a new bike and no ocean!

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