Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bye Bye Cold

I'm back to normal! Well, almost.  I feel 10000x better than I have since Sunday so I don't care if it is completely normal.  All I was asking for all week was better. 

Because I haven't been my normal self, there hasn't been very much cooking going on by me.  Next week that will be changing back to my normal ways! I already have two recipes I am going to try out, one for Artichoke Chicken Pasta from Iowa Girl Eats and one for Pumpkin Black Bean Soup from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  I can't wait to make them both! I also may try out making my Mom's Stuffed Green Peppers (Secret: They were what I asked for, for dinner, before every first day of school). 

Before I can start all this cooking I have to finish kick booty in my first sprint triathlon on Saturday! I am nervous because I havent been able to work out all week but I am hoping that because I have been training for so long I will be just fine! I keep reading race recaps to inspire myself! I hope it works :-)

One month from today these two are getting married! I can't to celebrate the big day with them! It seems like they just got engaged. Time flies!

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