Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bunnies vs. Teddy Bears

Last weekend I did my grocery shopping at whole foods for the first time (and I fell in love). I will definitely be heading back very soon. Anyways...while I was there I picked up some Annies Bunnies which on the box looked remarkably like teddy grahams. I picked the chocolate chip variety...because second to things that are completely chocolate that is my favorite. The first time I broke into the box to have a serving was today, and I was disappointed. I usually love Annies products but to me these were not very good. Kind of like chocolate chip cardboard. Don't get wrong...I ate the entire serving, it was my sweet with lunch. But I would have much rather had my old childhood standby.

Please note that while googling to find an image I found out that Annies bunnies were recently recalled for off odor in boxes with expiration dates up to July...thank goodness that isn't my box. I am a weirdo about food though and will probably promptly throw them away when I get home.

Now back to work to try not to think about smelly bunny cookies.

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