Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shame on Me

I have been a negligent blogger the last few days.  This past weekend I threw caution to the wind and became super lazy. No gym, no blogging.  I didn't even have enough energy to make my own side items for BBQ's.  Hummus and Pita was my go to.  I mean, I love hummus more than the average person but that is just lazy.

I played with these guys a lot this past weekend:

Jaksy-Poo and his brother Preston!

They are CRAZY together.  But they are so cute, how can you not just love them :-)

People have been complaining about how warm it is out, just like they complained about the cold in the winter.  Personally, I love the summer.  I love when it is hot and you have to wear summer dresses and you get a tan from just walking around outside.  Yes, the temperature spike this past week has been a tad ridiculous, but I'll take it.

This picture is also pretty cool because of my mileage 132132.  My poor car is getting a little old. 

Two other random things I am loving right now:

My beautiful surprise anniversary roses :-) new eco cup.  Perfect for iced coffee and smoothies.  Today my drink of choice was a peach/orange smoothie.   I love how smoothies last half of my 60+ minute ride to work. 

If you are off work today, enjoy the sun for me! I can't wait for another pool day in the near future!

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