Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have been a BIT of a Bachelorette slacker this season.  I just can't get on the Ashley train. I try every week to watch the whole show and just never actually end up getting through the whole thing...until last night. OMG.  Between weirdos, assholes and JP (who doesn't love him) this season just took a turn for the more interesting. I will now devote my monday nights to see who Ashley picks to be her fiance.  I hope they last longer than Brad and Emily. 

First of all...the most hated man on television today...Bentley.  This just proves the point that if you tell a girl "do not fall for this guy" it means that she will fall harder than she ever has before.  I am pretty sure that every girl has had their heart stomped on in that situation.  Ashley, you are better than him, he is an ass, we all see it.  Move on to a nice guy (although I don't know if those have existed since Ryan on the bachelorette...Trista is a lucky woman). 

Next up...Mask Man.  I honestly did not know his real name until last night.  And the highlight for me is when Ashley stated "wow, he's a lot older than I thought".  Older?!? That is what you have a problem with.  What about the fact that he has worn a creeper mask since day one.  Thank goodness he went home.  You could tell she could have cared less, he hardly got a hug.  Then during the burning of the mask he says "I hope I am not alone forever".  Then, my suggestion, stop wearing a scary mask!

William...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Guys, NEVER ACTUALLY ROAST A GIRL. Yes, the date was for them to roast her and the other guys.  But hearing that you are part of the IBTC over and over again and then being told that it was diappointing that you were the bachelorette when everyone was expecting Emily (who is probably the most beautiful woman in the world) is not going to get you the group rose.  It is amazing that you are still on the show.  Good for you that Ashley seems to really like meanies, and that other guys are much odder on a daily basis than you.  In real life, that would not have worked out in your favor.  Get your act together William because (like the prince) you are pretty cute.

 Last, but certainly not least JP.  I personally believe that you are the only normal, nice, genuine guy on the bachelorette this season.  Please do not prove me wrong.  You are wonderful eye candy and every girls TV boyfriend for the next six weeks (even in those PJ pants that the producers dug up for you to wear).  Just keep on smiling and you will go far in this show. ;-)

Also, I loved Ashley's rose ceremony dress.  It was super funky.  Where can I get one of those?? :-)

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