Thursday, June 23, 2011

Changes in Life

Today I need to take a moment to discuss a topic that has been on my mind lately.  I feel like more within my 25th year than any before, life has been changing so quickly.  Many of my friends and aquantainces have gotten married and are starting to talk about having families (in the future).  Many have gone back to school for a nursing degree, or a masters.  Then there are those who are way far into a career already.  Friends are changing and some of those who I have been close to in the past I don't talk to as much, and I am starting to have my "adult" friends, even though I don't really feel like an adult sometimes.  When exactly does all of this start to suddenly happen? 

I have one friend who I have known for 12 years.  I can't even believe it when I type it.  We have literally watched each other grow up! We have helped each other through love and loss.  The year after high school we literally almost lived together.  We probably hung out 6 out of 7 days/nights a week.  We have had our moments in our friendship and a few years inbetween lost.  But through all that we have come through stronger than ever.  Now we talk again pretty much daily and hang out (with our significat others aka sigs as well sometimes) atleast once every few weeks.  I am so happy to know that she really is my life long friend. 

Then I have two friends that I met in high school.  One is married and one is in a serious relationship.  These two I don't talk to as often, and wish that we kept in better touch.  They were my girls, through my college years that I talked to all the time.  If we didn't talk for a few days or a week, we would spend hours on the phone one night just catching up on all lifes gossip.  When did it happen that we started talking once every few weeks, then once a month? I guess life happened, but I wish  it more often.  I wish that we got to see each other and have long gossip sessions more than every so often. Wine nights need to occur on a regular basis.  :-) We just need to better at making plans and sticking with them and not letting life get in the way.

Then I have my first adult friend that I met.  She and I met through my group of friends and now neither of us really stay in touch with that group anymore.  We happen to actually live pretty close together now and even though we have different work schedules we talk a few days a week.  We are not as good at getting together as we should be, but one day hopefully we will work and live the same general vacinity and get to take advantage of happy hours. 

Then I have my friends that I have met through my boyfriend.  I feel so fortunate that I came into the nicest group of girls that I could have asked for.  I have made many friends who I love to talk to and hang out with. Coming into a new group is always nervewracking and these girls and their sigs have always been so welcoming. I couldn't have asked for more. 

My nana always told me "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold".  I think this is so accurate.  It is a life lesson everyone should know.  Friendship is a relationship.  You should not jump in at full speed, but when you know they are trustworthy and true then you commit. And hopefully if you are lucky, you will have them in your circle, in some way, no matter how much things change, for life!

I guess that what, through my rambling, I have figured out is that no matter if friends are new or old.  No matter what your relationship, they all have a special place in your life.  And you have to hold on to some tighter than others to keep in touch.  As long as that clench is going both ways, you are good to go :-)

 This picture has to make everyone smile!

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