Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Love Fest

I love weddings. I love watching two people who are so in love have that moment in front of so many special people.  I love watching the grooms face as his beautiful bride walks down the aisle.  Usually, selfishly, I hope for a few tears. 

I love seeing what dress the bride picked.  This last weekend Laurie's was my favorite of any wedding I have been too and it look amazing on her. 

Walking into the ceremony and finally seeing the flowers picked and the little touches from the bride (and groom) is so exciting.

They had an awesome grooms cake (even though I am a redskins fan).

I love seeing friends that live in florida.  It's fun to travel, but it would be more fun if you never moved in the first place! ;-)

Our next trip is going to be out to Austin hopefully! I am curious about Texas.  As long as there is lots of country music I am happy. 

And I love spending the night dancing and having fun with the one I love :-)

What is your favorite part of a wedding?? Obviously I love it all!

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