Monday, June 13, 2011

Bright Orange

This past weekend was everything I wanted and more :-)

Friday we headed up to Fredneck (aka Fredrick) for the Kleptoradio show.  If you havent seen them you definitely should, check out their schedule here and catch a show! They are awesome, and I am not just saying that because their drummer happens to be one of my Bff's finaces ;-) Anyways, the bar they played at this time was INTERESTING to say the least.  But we had lots of fun watching the dancers, they were very entertaining! Lets just say some glow rings made an appearance...we didn't know we were at a rave. 

Saturday Brent and I headed to a winery in Leesburg and Lansdowne to celebrate our two year anniversary! It was a perfect little weekend get away. I will do a complete run down of the winery and resort in a seperate post.  They were both beautiful!

On Sunday we hit the pool before we headed out and then stopped at the outlets on the way home.  Amazingly enough I did not find any clothes to buy.  My quote of the day was "I'm just not in love with it enough to own it".  Things were pretty but they didn't have the WOW factor.  I did get a bright orange ceramic loaf pan.  It might sound silly but I am so excited! I have wanted to make banana bread for weeks and now I have a pretty pan to make it in :-)  Crate and Barrell was closing that location so we got quite a few things at a great price! I think we walked out with 7 things for right around $60.  Amazing for that store!

Here is my pan :-)
Then we had italian takeout and I was asleep by 9:30 pm!  

Hope your weekend was wonderful too! 

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