Friday, July 1, 2011

Cupid Shuffle Day

I LOVE that the local radio station that I listen to at work plays cupid shuffle around 8am every friday morning! It just puts you in the mood for the weekend!

This weekend is a LOOOONNNGGG one and I am super excited!

I plan on wearing this all weekend long:

Just Kidding :-) But it would be awesome!

Plans for the weekend:
  1. Relaxing Friday night, hopefully sit outside, have a few summery drinks on a patio somewhere.
  2. Go HIKING...I am super excited about this.  I will probably be less excited after the fact when I am covered in bug bites.  I haven't been hiking since I was like...10 maybe?!?
  3. Take Jaks to get a PAWdicure. 
  4. Cookout with some of my favorite girls, and the boyfriends!!!
  5. See our Floridians again (twice in a month?!?)
  6. Watch FIREWORKS
  7. Be more exhausted going back to work on tuesday than I am right now...(hopefully not, hopefully I can plan some sleeping in too).
What is your favorite thing to do to celebrate the 4th??

Happy long weekend to everyone!

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