Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunny and Breezy

Today is one of those days where I sit at my desk working, and all I want to do is be outside.  There is not a cloud in the sky, it's breezy and 83 degrees.  If I could work from outside I would be a much happier person.  Instead I am inside :-( And I am counting the minutes until 4 o'clock.  When do we stop wishing the weeks of work away to get to the weekend? Maybe if you are totally and completely in love with your job than you will.  Or maybe it is when you find your "career".  I don't think I even know what I want that to be yet.  Who knows, I might never know.

Things that I think I could do as a career:

Write...It's what I went to school for.  I just don't know what I would want to write about.

Something in the legal field.  I find it very interesting.  But it might be too cut throat for me. 

Government? Living in the DC area gives you lots of opportunities there.

Work with the elderly.  I love grandparents :-)

What I want to do as a career (I think):

Something in the Health field.  Dietician, Nutritionist, Counselor...Something along those lines. That still leaves a big blank canvas though. 

Until then I will punch away on a keyboard, and gaze out the window at the beautiful sun. 

I am looking forward to this...

Hopefully it is this beautiful on saturday as well!

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