Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mood Nose Dive

This morning I woke up in a great mood! It is friday eve, I get to see a bestie tonight and I wore jeans to work today. 

Then I got in the car...and this song came on: 

I love this song. But for some reason this morning the tears started flowing.  It's always so weird to me the times that things start bothering me.  I guess that while sitting in traffic in the morning I do a lot of thinking and that is why songs can make me so emotional.  I think this is a song that anyone who has lost a grandparent (or anyone clase to them really) can relate to. 

Then, once I got over my sob fest (and made sure there was no make up running down my face) I noticed this weird shaped yellow light on my dash.  Oh, yea NBD, thats just the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. Ugh.  What a morning and I havent even started anything for work yet.  I am going to take the baby in to get an oil change tonight and see if they can give me any advice (without charging me $5000).  Please with me luck!

Mine may or may not be missing a front hubcap?!

The dreaded light

I would appreciate any car knowledge that you would like to pass along :-)

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