Thursday, July 14, 2011

Watch Out Drivers!

Random thought day...

I don't really have anything exciting to talk about, so I am just going to list some random thoughts that I have. 

1.)  Lately I have been having a bit of a listening issue with this guy:

He seems to think that he runs the show.  HOW DO I CHANGE THAT? He can sit, lay, stay (sometimes).  But omg, if he chews his leash one more time while we are walking I MAY lose my mind.  Please help :-(

2.)  Why oh why does the radio play the same 7 seven songs all summer long.  I know there has to be more songs out there...right? I am so tired of them all.  I find myself listening to old music or scratched cds that are laying around in my car.

3.) Ummm...on days when you have no time to go to the gym, why do you want to go so bad? And the days where you can go, it's a struggle to push yourself out of the door? I have started to play a game with myself to motivate (explain later). 

4.)  My favorite...where does money go? I swear, my the time it's payday I am amazed at the amount of money that can be spent on rent, groceries, GAS (ugh), and other random bills, student loans...etc. 

I need one of these in my backyard ;-)

5.)  I have been having a bit of a career identity crisis lately...I know, you don't have to do what your degree is in...but I atleast want to make use of the time/effort/money all spend in my years at UMBC.  Why did I read 5168432 novels if I am never going to use those skills again? I am working on this...

6.) Last, but not least....why does iced tea always taste better at a restaurant than it does from home? I just don't know how to brew it like they do.  In a restaurant I can drink like 5 glasses while I eat lunch (addiction) but at home I can barely choke down my tea concotion. Help?! Any suggestions?

Here's a special shout out to my sis! CONGRATULATIONS on getting your learners permit!!  

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