Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Protein or Sugar??

There are a few foods in life that I believe people LOVE or want absolutely nothing to do with.  Three of the main ones, hands down, have to be yogurt, cottage cheese and oatmeal.  Personally I like all of them.  But I know many people who don't like any of them (it must be a texture thing). 

Lately I have been trying out new yogurts, because I know the ones I really love are probably filled with sugar and zero nutrition.  My favorite, that I am trying to ween myself off of is dannon light and fit (key lime is my flavor of choice): 

I have been trying to join the greek yogurt bandwagon but I just don't dig it like my delicious nonprotein-filled-sugary-goodness.  I have started trying to incorporate Stoneyfield:

It is from the same makes of Oikos Greek yogurt and it's organic (and I found it at wholefoods and it is much more expensive).  So I figure it SHOULD be more beneficial.  I haven't found that go to flavor yet...but I keep trying out new one's so I will hopefully get there.

Does anyone have a favorite yogurt brand? Suggestions are always welcome! :-)

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  1. hey!
    I have yogurt every morning and love it. Have you tried chobani or Fage? those are my favs and yes they are greek yogurts but they have awesome flavors. Try the mango, peach, cherry, or blueberry. You will be in love. Also the plain with honey is the best. xoxo