Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

Grocery Shopping...I love it and hate it at the exact same time.

I love going and picking out fresh produce.

I hate spending the money.

I love having all my dinners mapped out for the week so I can just grab what I need.

I hate when I am in aisle 23 and I forgot something in aisle 4.

I love finding things that are on sale that I need for the week.

I hate buying spices that I am out of (or need for a new recipie) and they are $8 a pop.

I love picking out a new cereal, especially if it is something that I have never tried before.

I hate waiting in line at the deli/bakery/seafood counters.

I love the self checkout (if I am there with someone to help me with bagging so it doesnt get all backed up).

I hate carrying the groceries in the house.

I love sorting through them and putting them all in their correct spots, getting rid of old stuff, etc. 

My mixed feeling led me to spend $124 last night (after saving about $30).  But I have 5 awesome dinners to make this week, veggie burgers everyday for lunch, and more fruits and veggies than anyone probably really needs for a week. 

My dinners include:

Monday: Steak Salads-nothing too fancy, just romaine, cucumber, red onion, roma tomatoes, green pepper, and whole grain crutons. 
Tuesday: Tilapia (on sale!) with brown rice and roasted broccoli
Wednesday: Curried Chicked Salad in Red Peppers and cous cous or corn.....
Thursday: Summer Veggie Lasagna
Friday: Chicken with a new to me make at home marinade, green beans and mashed red potatoes

The days may change but thats dinner for the week ;-)

Anyone have any good recipes to send my way??

I think I may be attempting to make pbfingers almond butter granola tonight!

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