Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vin Disel Cooks?

I am addicted to The Next Food Network Star. 

Every Sunday at 9 pm I am perched on my couch ready to watch.  It is the perfect combination of everything I love:  Challenges, Drama, Cooking, Bobby Flay..... ;-)

My absolute favorite this year is:

Vic.  It may or may not be because he resembles Vin Disel.  The Food Network could use a little extra badass on the station.  I also LOVE that it would be an all italian, homestyle cooking show that he would start. 

My other fave is:

Susie.  She is from mexican decent and would love to start a show fancy-ing up the normal mexican dishes!

If you have never watched...start now! It is great! I never thought I would get so hooked. 

For a recap of the season thus far look no further than right here!

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