Friday, May 20, 2011

"You're getting a DOG?!?"

Growing up, if people knew me, they would have NEVER EVER in a millions years have thought I would be the girl with the puppy.  I was actually pretty afraid of dogs for a long time. One day, I think I was like 8 I was bit by a dog behind my house. I fast as my little tiny legs could take me to the playground and he hung on to my ankle the whole time.  Needless to say, sorry to all those miniature dachshund fans out there(i.e. Meredith) ...I am NOT a fan of those hot dog doggies. 

Well, lets jump forward about 15 years.  Right after college I started really wanting a puppy, but had zero money.  Last fall I started getting addicted to looking at puppies online and I fell in love with boston terriers, they are so cute with their smushy faces and big eyes! So, even though I still have minimal (NO) money, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and be responsible.  Or...I just fell in love and didnt think, one or the other.  And I ended up with this guy:

Look how tiny!!

Although I love Jaks completely the past few months have been hard to say the least.  Puppies are not just cuddly little stuffed animals all the time (who knew?).  So here are my top 10 (even though there are way more) things that I didn't know before I got a puppy.

  1. Almost all puppies get sick within the first week you have them, Jaks had worms (gross) and kennel cough (which the vet called bronchitis so I wouldn't freak out).  But I immediately went home and googled it and it said "Cases sometimes result in death".  I may or may not have had a slight crying fit. 

2.  Puppies are not house trained at week 16.   It's a huge lie.  My carpet has the stains to prove it.

3.  Just when you think the dog is house trained, jokes on you and he poops on your bathroom floor. 

4.  Dogs like to chew on anything that is not theirs.  Why buy them toys when they can just chew on shoes, water bottles, the list is endless...

5.  The vet is more expensive than you could ever imagine.  Let's just say, Discover loves me and the interest I am paying them lately ;-)

6.  Dogs have zero self control.  If you give them a full bowl of water they will drink the whole thing and proceed to throw up everywhere.  The same goes for food, treats, bones, stuffing out of get the picture.

7.  Males dogs are enamered with throw pillows.  I have had to put them away to keep him from jumping on the couch and "getting scandelous" with the lovely decorative accents.

8.  Dog training classes are actually people training classes.  Teach your dog to sit, now go home and try it out a million times until they learn. In actuality, dogs shouldnt even come. 

9.  Dogs are the best entertainment. 

10.  Dog love may be the best love.  If they get mad at you, or you get mad at them, they forget in 15 seconds.  And then they do this...


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  1. OMG, remember when Jaks was that small? Man, I love that little guy!