Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Let's start with something I don't love...I haven't let you in on the little "thunderstorms terrify me" secret.  Normally, I can stay pretty composed as long as there is no tornado watch/warning/spin in the atmosphere stuff.  But, yesterday as I was driving home from work, in bright sun, with sunglasses on, suddenly there was a HUGE lightning bolt, a clap of thunder that I could hear over my radio (which means it was really loud) and then the sky turned black and it started down pouring.  I quickly threw on those hazard lights that I make fun of people for using in thunderstorms and turned into the nearest entrance to what I thought was a small office building, but after the rain stopped it kind of looked like a house with parking spaces?? As soon as I put my car in park, it started hailing.  The hail, although, not super huge, probably the size of a marble, was coming down so hard I though my windows were going to break.  I started to panic (more) and got control of myself enough to take a picture (to prove that I am not just a wimp and that it was actually crazy).

I think it looks like snow! 

In better news, my Mom found this granola at Trader Joe's last night (probably while I was sitting in the hail storm).  I am a self proclaimed granola-holic, as long as there are no raisins in it.  It is the best.  All clusters...almonds...a little vanilla flavor :-) I am addicted. 

Please note that today is one week since I started this blog.  It is one week longer than I thought I would last and 1 week longer than I have lasted on any other blog (that no one knew about) that I may or may not have thought about starting in the past and given up on after the first entry. I think I am hooked!  

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