Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I need some vitamin D!

Last weekend was spent with good friends at the beach, on one of the first 80 degree days of the season.  The sun was bright, the sand was hot and the frozen drinks were perfect. ;-)

We sat in the bay during the day and drank, played games and chatted away.

We went to the track to place some bets for PREAKNESS.  My horse didn't win, but I had a lot of fun watching it.  There is something so cool about how many people get in to the races.  I can't wait to pick another horse for Belmont. 

And, my favorite part, we danced the night away! The music was not my favorite but I love to dance, anytime...anywhere!

Can't wait to head back there later this summer to lay on the beach and relax a little more.  Now...time to work on that tan...I am so very pale.  Brent says paleness must be contagious, and I must be catching it from him.

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