Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach Memories

The beach, Ocean City specifially always reminds me of two moments in my childhood:

1.) When I was about 8 I went to the beach with my Dad and swam for 6 hours straight in the hotel pool.  When we went to dinner with  my stepmom in the evening they were trying to make it super special.  I got to order anything on the menu and even got a shirley temple (at the time I thought it was an alcoholic  About 5 minutes after ordering I fell asleep on the table and slept through the who meal.  :-)

2.) My other beach memory I was really young, maybe about 5.  I went down with my Mom and Nana and  we spent the whole weekend playing in the ocean and walking the boardwalk. My Nana loved the beach more than anyone I know.  I love going down there and going to the touristy places that I knew were her favorite...Phillips, Dough Roller, the carnival and the Plim Plaza rocking chairs.

Beach getaways always end way too quickly!!

Goodnight :-)

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