Wednesday, May 18, 2011

These are my people...

I have contemplated what to write about in a blog for some time now.  I thought about doing a blog on a specific topic, but never started it.  I could never think of a topic that would keep people's interest long enough.  Then I was going to start a dual blog with a friend (which we are still going to do) but just haven't had the time to get it going.  Then I realized, what better to write about...everything that I love! I feel like, as a person, you "love" something new everyday.  And also, as a person, I will probably have days where I really don't "love" things too.  So, welcome to my blog journey.  Hope you LOVE it as much as I do!

To start this off right I have to introduce you to the people that I love to love the most in this world!

Up Mom...she is the most amazing woman I know.  I am so very lucky to have her! 

My wonderful boyfriend :-) He inspires me to try new things almost daily! He is the one who has taught me how important it is to workout and how great it makes you feel! He puts up with my insanity (and loves every minute of it). And most importantly...he tastes every new recipie I make, with a smile on his face (even though I know it is impossible that he likes them all)!

Jaks! This is my adorable 7 month old Boston Terrier.  He may be a pain in the butt-crazy-jumpy-chewing machine sometimes but a love for a dog and from a dog is unconditional. 

The BFF's
I am lucky to have lots of friends! But these are my 4.  I love them all and have unique, important, lasting friendships with all of them.  They are the ones I know will be there no matter what.

Ash & I

Leslie & I

Colleen & I

Nici & I

My cutie patooty sisters! At the ripe old ages of 15 and 10, they teach me new things all the time.  Just last weekend I learned the basketball game, Around the World.  How did I never play that as a child?

Who's taller??

Always good for a hug!

Of course...there are a lot more people that I love. I have so many more family members and friends and they (I am sure) will be in posts to come! Until then...Have a wonderful Wednesday! The weekend is only 22 work hours away!