Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spell Check is my actual BFF

Last night was PIZZA NIGHT!  It was from Armand's , my personal FAVORITE.  I have been eating it since the day I was born.  It helps that my dad's BFF is the owner, so it always pops up at family occasions.  I introduced Brent to Armand's about a month ago and we have been talking about getting it ever since.  It is kind of far to go to and a little pricier than normal pizza but since we went to Spinning...and we were 3/4 of the way there...we splurged!

Brent chose Pepperoni...I chose Green Pepper and Onion. 

It is Friday Eve (that is what I fondly call Thursdays)! And tomorrow we leave for the beach for the weekend! I am really excited.  It has rained just about everyday since last Friday and Saturday is supposed to be sunny.  I am going to sit on that beach even if I freeze, says high of 73, I am hoping for 80.  While we are there we are celebrating two things...


Kevin's Birthday!! He will be the big 2-6.  What better way to celebrate a may birthday than at the beach.  I am really jealous of all these nice weather birthdays.  I am always bundled up and running inside on my birthday away from the snow.

Side note, my birthday last year:

The second thing we are celebrating is:

Brooke!!! She is officially a dental hygienist and we are all so happy for her!

Does anyone else have fun weekend plans?  

I feel after my spelling mishap yesterday that I should warn you all...I am a TERRIBLE speller.  I will probably make mistakes if spell check doesn't pick them up.  I was an English major, and most would think that means that you are an amazing speller but that is not the case at all.  You should see the things I wrote when I was in elementary school. I honestly don't know how I passed my spelling tests.  Just wanted to let everyone in on that little secret so no one is disappointed in posts to come.  :-)

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  1. Can't wait for the beach this weekend! : )

    p.s. love the blog!