Thursday, May 26, 2011

Genius Advertising

The routine was normal this morning..

1. Get up, walk into the bathroom, close my eyes so the light doesn't blind me

2. Take a shower, eventually open my eyes

3. Find something to wear

4. Turn on the news while putting on makeup/drying hair

Then it happened...the Dunkin Donuts commercial came on and it got me.  I HAD to have an iced coffee.  Needless to say I make myself iced coffee at home on the regular now, but DD has the best. 

This picture was taken while sitting at a light...promise

I may or may not have been 15 minutes late for work, in part, because of my slight detour.  But, it did make my morning SO MUCH BETTER!

While driving to work I heard a new song that I like, and I can't believe that I am going to admit this, but it's by Lady GaGa...

Normally I am not a fan, at all. I just don't get the "little monster" craze and I didn't like Born this Way, Judas, Pokerface or any of that but I think this song is catchy and will be so much fun to dance to!

What do you think??

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