Friday, May 27, 2011

Are you sure?

That's right's FINALLY THE WEEKEND.  Well, not yet, I still have about 7 hours and 45 minutes of work :-( But after that small detail the weekend will have officially begun! I plan on packing as many fun things as possible into these three days.  I am spending time with some very important ladies!

First off...tonight, my favorite one of all!

Then tomorrow, a little BBQ/Skinny Girl Margarita (aka SGM)/Crab Festing day with this one...

Old School Picture, circa 2006

Then on Sunday I get to see this girl for some Sangria, Sex and the City and Bachelorette time...

Another Birthday Tubing adventure???

Then Monday I MAY get to see this girl (hopefully) for some pool time??

Anyone else interested in a little bit of this???

Call me!! Let's have a HUGE pool date monday!

Song of the weekend...this is a hard one. I think I have to go old school:

The Perfect Beach Song!

Don't worry, I didn't foget about this guy, I will be hanging out with him too!

Happy Memorial Day/Three Day Weekend! Beachgoers, I hope for not horrendous traffic for you!!

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  1. You're having a girly weekend! I love it... hope you get some good pool time!