Monday, May 23, 2011

Set the Tone

The weekend is over :-( It always happens way too quickly.  Some weekend beach pictures will be coming shortly! But until then...let's set the tone for the week. 

I woke up in an Ah-mazing mood this morning, which if you know me, is rare.  My good mood usually doesn't kick in until noon or so.  I felt refreshed and ready to go. 

And then I sat in this...

After driving around on the backroads of Delaware this weekend, I have decided that the next place I live must have little to no traffic (good luck right?!?). 

But after I got to work I realized today is...the season finale of Dancing with the Stars AND even better, the season premier of The Bachelorette! That could make any girls monday splendid :-)

Some of my bachelorette watching friends and I are having a little friendly competition in the form of Fantasy Bachelorette! I found this bracket off another website and found it brilliant! Let me know if you want to join too!

I guess it is time to be slightly productive.  Gotta get some work done so I can enjoy the beautiful weather this evening before the thunderstorms roll in.  It's the season for grilling and homemade skinny girl margaritas (recipe to be shared after tasting).  I heard the are delicious!

New favorite song, after watching the Billboard Music Awards:

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