Monday, March 5, 2012

Workout Inspirations

I have become much more inspired over the last year when it comes to working out. I give 99% of the credit of getting me started to Brent, without his love for working out I probably wouldn't have started.  Or it would have taken me a lot longer.  Now that I am on the bandwagon, I enjoy it a little more each workout I complete. I have learned what I enjoy, how to switch it up when I get bored, and I am more confident at the gym.  I go into the "boys only room" where all the big free weights are.  I have taught myself how to use machines that I was intimidated by before, and I bring workouts written down with me so that I don't just wander aimlessly.

The past few times I have run, I have pushed myself longer.  I now attempt to run 4 miles instead of 3.  Running 3 was always my workout.  But I would like it if 4 miles was my comfort.  Just yesterday as I was running 4, I was thinking how happy I would be to run 5.  I never really understood the obsession with distance running.  I always thought I would be happy running 2-3 miles and moving on with my workout. But I see it now. As you run further and get more comfortable, you want to run even further than the time before.  I don't see a marathon in my future ever...but a half looks more feasible every time I finish a run. I am not fast by any means, I can't hold lower that a 10 minute mile if I get over 3 miles but I finish, and I beat my personal records and that is what counts!

The following three pictures are my inspiration today, I found them on another blog. They are so true in so many ways.  The nice thing about working out is the only person you are competing with is yourself. It may be frustrating at times...but more times than not, you feel 100 times better after a hard, sweaty workout!

I always have to remind myself that it is ok to be "slow"

I never understand how females leave the gym with their makeup still in place, I on the other hand look like a mess.

True Statement

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  1. I LOVE your first inspirational picture - I always have to remind myself that as long as I work out in some way, then I am helping myself out. Some days I push harder than others, but the slower days still count too! So glad I'm not the only one who feels like this! :)