Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Babble...Do you ever?

Do you ever slip your shoe off under your desk at work, and then reach around to see where it went? And then, you can't for the life of you find it, without scooting your chair back and looking under your desk...only to find that it is two inches from your foot? How is that possible?

Do you ever have those days where the simple action of someone doing something as simple as liking your facebook status which is either a.) and inside joke with someone else or b.) has nothing to do with them, can annoy you more than you knew possible?

Do you ever wonder what would happens if you are at a basketball game and the person behind you drops their entire tray of french fries (covered in at least 10 packets of kethcup) and they hit you in the head, down your shirt, in your lap, and all over your face? This is not a fun feeling...it happened to me this weekend. I thought Justin Bieber was going to jump out and tell me I just got Punked (I don't know how I feel about him being the new host BTW). 
Speaking of Justin Bieber...did you hear the new rumor is that he likes to wear Selena Gomez's underware? I just think that is something that I wish I never heard on the radio this morning.  That is for their own personal business.
Do you ever look at the clock at work and have no idea how an entire day has passed you by and you have gotten nothing substantial done, at all?

Do you ever wonder what dogs do in their crates (or just at home, if your dog is trust worthy and doesn't chew things) all day while you are at work? What do they think about? I wish a little bubble would pop up around their heads so that we would know (like in a cartoon).

Do you ever...send me some good ones!

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  1. WHy did Courtney wear gloves if she knew she was getting engaged? Why haven't you moved to FL yet? Why does work suck so bad sometimes, but then other days when you are doing the EXACT same thing, it doesn't suck? I'm tired.