Friday, March 2, 2012

dance the night away

We are finally to friday!!! This week, it felt like Friday would never come, and now that it is here and the sun is out (for the next few hours at least) I want to do a happy dance. 

Today is a pretty special Friday.  My best friend of, I can hardly believe it, 14 years, is having a birthday. 

We met on our 7th grade orientation and instantly had a friendship. We have been through Middle School, High School, restaurant jobs, and more memories that I can even think of.  We have challenged each other, and went on a break ;-) but more than anything we have supported each other in each decision we have made growing up!

All of those moments, and times in our lives have made us the friends we are today.  I can honestly say that I think our friendship is stronger now than it  has ever been and I can not imagine my life without her there with me.  We have been through her wedding, and now I get to have her as the MOH for mine!

Thanks for being a best friend, and sister to me. And teaching me that when you drink wine when it is 100 degrees outside that you should always bring a washcloth to soak in ice cold water to put around your neck (and also bring mini forks and spoons specifically for dips).

Have the most wonderful birthday ever. Its not every year that you get to have your birthday on a friday! Love you, xoxo.

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  1. I particularly love this post! ;) I have the best friend in the world! Love you!