Thursday, March 8, 2012


If you are one of the 72 people that still watches One Tree Hill (including me) then you knew what the title of this post was.  It is most definitely my guilty pleasure.  I have been watching since episode 1, which started the fall of my senior year of high school.  Just like every other girl, I loved Chad Michael Murray.  I like to believe that I helped in wishing Lucas and Peyton together.  Sadly, he married (in real life) and cheated on with an intern/divorced Sophia Bush...but he will always have a TV "star" crush place in my heart. 
Now as the seasons have gone on, and characters have been lost Moira Kelly, (skating star from The Cutting Edge "ice pick"), as Lucas' mom, Hillary Burton (TRL vjay from back in the day) as Peyton, and old characters have returned, Steven Colletti (two words...Laguna Beach) as Chase and Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller (the musician we loved to hate) the show has definitely changed.  There have been a lot of some overly dramatized episodes and story lines, but it has never claimed to be more than a prime time soap opera.  It is one of the last CW shows that I still watch (other than my new love, Gossip Girl, I was late on that one) and I guess that makes sense, since my Gilmore Girl/Dawson's Creek/Felicity days are behind me...except when I get to watch them on DVD box sets.  But I am really going to miss my weekly dose of Haley & Nathan, Clay & Quinn and Brooke & Julian. 

Season One

The Final Season
I hope that this semi-sadistic season has a good ending for all of the characters.  What do you guys think will happen to Nathan? Or Brooke and Julian's twins? Anyone out there still care like me? :-)

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