Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding Direction

Yesterday I woke up thinking it was Thursday = Bad

Today I woke up thinking it was Friday = Even Worse

Hopefully tomorrow I wake up thinking it's like...Tuesday, so I am even more excited that it is Friday. Wishful thinking.


Over the course of my last few blog posts I have decided more of a "direction".  In college, I loved my Op-Ed classes.  We did a lot of writing based on what was in the news, on the radio, or going on in peoples personal lives which also could be backed up with evidence of some sort.  I really enjoy giving my opinion on stuff I read, hear and experience (if you couldn't tell). It is a good outlet.  I love hearing what others have to say as well and respect all agreements and especially disagreements.  So please, comment away!

That being said.  Every so often there will still be personal blog posts, if I do something really fun, or if a bff has a birthday (maybe tomorrow?!?). 

Ash & I at her Wedding
But I think for the most part I am going to write more about things I see, and hear and experience that I have a passion for.  I enjoy that more, than posting what I ate for dinner (although those are my favorite blogs to read) or how it's just an average Thursday in Maryland. 

Hope you keep reading and enjoying!? ;-) And thanks to everyone that I know reads on a consistent basis. It flatters me anytime someone refers to my blog. You all are the best <3

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