Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day = Love...not Hate

There are so many Valentine's day cynics out there...those who are single and also those who are in a relationship/dating/married. I don't get it.  Sure it is sometimes called a "hallmark holiday" or a day where  restaurants jack up their prices to make more money because they know people will be eating out. But, so what? Why not take the day to appreciate everyone that you love? It doesn't just have to be a significant other, it could be a mother, brother, sister, best friend, who ever you would like. Send a card, call them on the phone, send a quick email, it doesn't matter what. Just let them know that you really care.  Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with devoting an entire day to pink and red heart's if you are passing the love around. Diamonds and flowers are beautiful but not necessary at all. If they are how you would like to show your love, go for it. But a simple card, or longer...tighter than usual hug is just as good too. 

Happy Valentine's day to everyone that I love today, my wonderful girlfriends, Mom, Lane, sisters, Dad, Stepmom, and the rest of my family and family to be. You are all so special to me! xoxo

And especially my fiance :-) You are my rock. Thank you for being there for me everyday of the year and understanding why this holiday of love does have an importance to me. Not for the gifts or the money spent but for the time that we get to spend together. I can't wait for our sushi date tonight!  I love you lots. <3

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