Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Search for a Florist

I haven't posted much about wedding stuff...I don't have a wedding tab or posts about searching for dresses, DJs, venues, etc. Mostly because all of that stuff have been really easy, and I like having a few surprises up my sleeve. 

But today started the search for a florist. The one thing that I have put off since we got engaged. I didn't really think about it at all....except that I want them to be pretty. I don't know much about flowers (except that they will be expensive). 

Today at lunch my mom and I went to Crimson and Clover which was recommended by a girl at work.  The store was very artsy and the owner was awesome. She pretty much told me what I wanted from the little detail I gave her and is making up some mock designs to send us to see if we are picturing the same design. The only problem is that I can see her being really really expensive. All of the reviews online are great! But the only bad thing I can find is that she can be a little high price wise. 

We are also going to look at Wessel's.  It looks to be a little more traditional, instead of artsy and I am trying to keep an open mind...but it's hard after loving the first one so much.  I can't wait to hear what the consultant there has to say about when he/she sees for my wedding vision.  It is just interesting working with different people and seeing how they read the type of wedding that you want. 

What is your favorite wedding flower?
Sadly mine is a peony which is A.) Expensive and B.) Not in season in september....

Anyone have good florist suggestions?

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