Thursday, February 23, 2012


This morning I read an article, talking about the collaboration between Chris Brown and Rihanna on a new song. Really?

My number one question is...Why? Why would you not just leave well enough alone and move on? Are there not a million other people to make a song with? Will people listen and read out of curiosity...of course. Obviously I was one of them. But as a woman, who was publically humiliated, and badly abused, why would she put herself in a situation of that sort again.  It had been rumored that they were hooking up again, and personally I think something like this definitely confirms that.

Here is the article I read.  It was interesting because the author wrote about how just because someone is a celebrity, doesn't in anyway, shape, or form, mean that they are intelligent. More than likely, they are more frivolus, and carefree. They are more likely to put themselves in stupid situations because of money.  The detailed police report is in the article, talking about what he did to her in the car that night (Is Rihanna's actual name Robyn btw, if so I never knew that).  I don't care if she had cheated on him, or he had cheated on her, or if one wanted to break up with the other...what happened that night was utterly unacceptable.  If he cared for her deeply, he had a pretty horrible way of showing it. 

I also read a quote from Akiba Solomon saying "[Chris Brown and Rihanna are] making a mockery of domestic violence with the release of their musical collaborations. While they both display common traits of abuse victims and abusers, fans should ignore their moneymaking and attention-seeking antics". I could not agree more. They should not be "hollywoodifying" (for lack of a better word) this sort of behavior. It just makes it look like a slap on the wrist and living on seperate coasts for a few years makes everything A-OK. 

...I actually just listened to the song (I hadn't heard it before I started writing), and was going to link it to the page but I couldn't. The irony of the lines is too much to handle.  I don't know what they were thinking. Unless its the next big publicity stunt...last one being Kim K. Look where that got her???

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