Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

This year I thought about trying to be creative when it came to giving something up for Lent. I was going to give up cursing...but I don't do it enough to warrent an excuse to give it up. Then, I was going to give up artifical sweetner, but I started doing that last week and I feel like that is more of a lifestyle change than a lenten resolution.  So I went with an old stand by, anything that would be considered a dessert, including but not limited to, cookies, cake, brownies, ice cream, candy.  The list could go on and on. I feel like this is a popular one to give up because it's hard. I have a huge sweet tooth. I would pick sweet over savory any day. But for the next 40 days I will resist.

I am also resolving to do EVERY SINGLE workout in this LiveFit plan that I started. LiveFit is hard and I am still in the "easy" weeks. I can't imagine what it is going to feel like when I get to the 6 days a week of workouts.  Me being me would just skip a workout if I am busier but this way maybe I can also learn to get out of bed before the last possible moment if it means that I won't have to go to the gym at night...maybe? I always always need something to work toward when it comes to fitness. I need goals. And people have said to me, "isn't your wedding a goal for fitness?". Well, of course. But I would just run my way to september and never touch a weight again. This workout plan is also teaching me how to life weights, and incorporate it into my workout. 

Lastly, I learned a fun fact this weekend.  64 ounces of water a day is just an average. In reality you should cut your weight in half and that should be the ounces of water you drink per day. For someone who weights 120-130 lbs. 64 ounces is right on point.  But for someone who is active and closer to the 200 lbs. level they should be drinking close to 100 ounces of water per day! Crazy, isn't it?!

Everyone have a good wednesday! My lenten, meatless meal will be sushi tonight and a lovely episode of One Tree Hill. :-)

Anyone have any good recipes to share?? I want to try out some new ones next week!

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