Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July in Pictures

What better way to review one of the best months of the year (middle of summer) than through pictures? Especially since I have been HORRIBLE at posting them this months. So here you go.  I hope August has just as many fun pictures to share!

Let's start with our "on-a-whim-beach-weekend":

I think out eyes are both closed in this one, but it shows the amazing table that we had for dinner! And, the fact that sunglasses fix any picture.

Nice photo op boys. That's why we love you so much ;-)

Dancing to the worst band in history.  I don't even remember the name to share. 

We got to hang out with some other great girls as well :-)

On to birthday celebrating weekend aka the saturday of birthdays!

Happy Birthday Angie

Cute Picture :-)

Brent and his girls :-)

The night ended with some Kev/Jaks love. Who doesn't love a cute puppy who lets you hold him like a baby??

We also enjoyed a trip to Oriole Country to see this pretty lady!

Then...just for fun pictures...kisses, flabongos, spiderman....you know, normal activities enjoyed in July.

Happy Summer! Did I miss anything??

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