Monday, August 15, 2011

I went on vacation and got engaged...

That is a good reason for not blogging for 11 days...right?!?!?

It's been a whirlwind of a week! We started vacation off going on a boat and failing to attempting to wakeboard.  Board sports are not my forte.  I think I will stick to watching next time!

Brent on the otherhand succeeded with flying colors...I think he cheated (can you cheat at wakeboarding?)

On Monday we (Brent and I, and Nicole and Burdell) left for Ocean City. I love the beach! We went to lots of fun restaruants and bars, spent time on the beach, watched the sunrise (more on that later), and went to the White Marlin Open (which is the biggest fishing tourney on the east cooast). 

At Fagers the first night

At the Tiki Bar

White Marlin Open with Kara and Nicole

Brent and Kellie at Green Turtle
Sunrise morning was Tuesday...I will preampt it by saying that we had talked about seeing the sunrise for a month, so it was not just a radom wake up at 6 am thing.  Monday night, Brent set his alarm and we headed down to the beach with my camera and a beach towel.  It was an awesome experience.  It was us, the seagulls and the dolphins in the water! There were other people watching as well but we were pretty spread out. 

After the sun above the horizon Brent proposed :-) He said many sweet things but those are my own personal secrets! It was perfect and very private, laid back and beautiful.  Just what I would choose.  And he picked the beautiful ring out all by himself!

At about 11 am I looked at him and said OMG, we're getting married! I think it took that long to seem real. 

It was a perfect vacation!

On saturday I helped host my BFF's bridal shower...but that deserves a post all its own and will be coming soon :-)

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