Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 Random Wednesday Thoughts

As I was doing my daily obsession of going through google reader and reading every blog possible my friend Kate @ Olive Juice has the quote "Another Sunrise, Another New Beginning". I love it :-) The sunrise may be my favorite time of the day now!

2. On a sort of connected note I get to see some of my FAM tonight.  Brent and I are going to go see my Dad, Stepmom, and sisters for dinner.  We haven't had a chance to see them since the our big news so I am really excited!!

3. Last night at dinner Jaks decided it was a good idea to be stealth dog, sneak up behind my legs and eat the top of a hamburger bun from my buffalo chicken burgers (which are amazing).  Recipe stolen borrowed often from Julie @ pbfingers.  I tried hard not to laugh but with an entire bun hanging out of his mouth it was nearly impossible.  He held on for dear life, but eventually it got pulled out of his mouth.

This picture is from when he tried to eat my salad...last night looked the same but with a whole wheat hamburger bun.

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