Thursday, October 6, 2011

It all started with a game of flag football...

I am feeling mushy today. I have never gone into detail into how Brent and I met, so today I am feeling like is the day. This weekend we have already been engaged for 2 months (time flies) and wedding plans are fully in the works.  I am amazed at how I am not as stressed as I would imagine. I find the whole planning process so fun. I can't wait until the big day (even thought it is almost a whole year from now). If two months goes that quick, I know it will be here before we know it.

On with my story (and random pictures of us through dating thrown in):

Brent and I met because we had mutual friends and were on a flag football team together. The first game was on an abnormally warm day in April.  I went to the game, no makeup, hair in a bun and exhausted. I had worked late bartending the night before.  When, we got there I offered to sit out the first few plays because I had never played on a team like this before and I wanted to see how it was done (and not make an embarassment out of myself). Well, the other three people sitting out were Brent, Kevin (Brent's brother) and Justin (Kevin's Friend).  I boldly walked up and introduced myself, what did I have to lose? We exchanged names and talked and then went on our way playing the game.

First Picture Together

Soon there after I went out with two people from the team for a birthday. I was asking the girl Brent was friends with (Kate) if he was married/engaged because he told me how he was looking at houses that day.  She laughed and said no, and asked if I was interested.  Apparently he had told her that he could possibly be interested in me.

One thing led to another, and the next time Kate and I hung out I called Brent (it happened to be his birthday) and we made plans to go out the next week.

At Sara's Wedding
The first date I was so nervous. I got lost going the restaurant and was freaking out.  I called my friend Leslie (who was then living in North Carolina) and told her what I was up to. She talked me through the nerves and when I got there I had atleast calmed down enough to have a sane conversation.

Brent wined and dined me at Melting Pot (awesome first date). He always tells the story that I ripped apart an entire wine cork I was so nervous.


After the date I called my friend Colleen (who was engaged at the time) and told her all about the date.  I told her how I really liked him but didn't want to jinx it. He seemed like a great guy and I just wanted to make sure I didn't screw anything up.

We went out about once a week for a month but talked every day either through text or on the phone. We lived about an hour from each other so we couldn't really see each other during the week.

We both happened to be at the beach over memorial day weekend so I met up with him and hung out one night with he and his friends. They were all so nice and accepting, I couldn't have asked for a better first experience meeting a group of friends. We danced the night away. 

About a month after our first date (on May 30th) we became exclusive :-) And now the rest is history. We are engaged and I get to marry my best friend in less than a year. I couldn't be happier/luckier/more excited than I am right now!


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