Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am a (newly official) runner

Most blogs you read about running are focused around time...distance...PRs....etc. Mine will be about just surviving every run and not giving up.  When my legs brain starts saying no that is when it gets really hard and I have to start walking awhile keep trucking!

Let's just say I am not fast.

After I run I normally either want to pass out or throw up (or a combo).

I have never had a run in the double digits.

I hate hills (I don't know how people could like them).

I usually eat 5 minutes before I go for a run or chug a bottle of water to fuel up and get ready (maybe that explains the previous wanting to throw up issue)

I sweat...a lot. Like, I think way more than a normal girl.

I like running in sunglasses. Not athletic ones. Just my regular everyday ones.

I hate tan lines...but for some reason I love when I get a tan line from running. It proves I have been working hard.

I consider myself a runner, even after all the above things.  If people can march to the beat of their own drum, they can run to their own pace too, right?

Here is the proof that I am not fast, and I am proud that 4.5 miles is more like a normal for me, than extremely hard. I remember when 1 mile was a struggle and it has taken me a long time to build up.

The point of this is, you don't have to comfortably run 10 miles a day to be a runner.  You don't have to run everyday.  You just need to work hard and be proud of yourself. Because when it comes to running, that is really all that matters.  A good run (where you feel great the whole time) comes few and far between so if you are pushing through the terrible, awful, miserable ones that come more often remember that you should just be happy that you are able to run and pack yourself on the back for putting in the effort!

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